Qarshi shahri, Ko'chabog' 17


Ushbu sayt O'zbekiston Respublikasi Oliy Majlis Jamoat fondi tomonidan 2017 yil 13 noyabrda moliyalashtirilgan " Qashqadaryoning turistik salohiyati - global tarmoqda" nomli 49-10/133-11-grant loyihasi doirasida yaratildi

Xush kelibsiz shahrimizga

Xush kelibsiz saytimizga siz bu yerda tarixiy binolar, shaxslar, milliy taomlari va urf odatlari bilan tanishishingiz mumkin.

Amir Temurning Oq saroy davlat qarorgohi -O‘rta Osiyodagibuyuk me’moriy inshoat hisoblanadi. Amir Temur davlati xududida


Mazkur madrasa XVI asrda qurilgan bo‘lib, o‘z davrida diniy ta’lim (darasa-dars, saboq) beradigan joy bo‘lgan Etnogr...





Mazkur yodgorlik buyuk olim va davlat arbobi Muhammad Tarag‘ay Ulug‘bek tomonidan 1434-1435 yillarda qurilgan. Mirzo


Mazkur yodgorlik XV asr oxiriXVI asr boshlarida qurilgan. Chorsu Shaxrisabz shahri markazida, shimoldan janubga va sharqdan g‘arbga ol...




Shahrisabz so'zi yashil shahar degan ma'noni anglatadi


Mehmonxonalar va Restoranlar


Shahrisabz shahridagi

mashhur restoranlar

Restoran yoki Mehmonxonalarda joy band qilish

O'zbegim milliy taomlari

  • Har yili Shahrisabz shahriga 1000 lab sayyohlar tashrif buyiradi

    Shaharda juda ko'p binolar qaytadan tamirlandi. Turistlar Oq Saroy va qolgan tarixiy binolarga borishlari imkoni mavjud

    Hozir tashrif uchun biz bilan bog'lanish - BOG'LANISH

    Oq Saroyni Amir Temur onasi Takina xonimga atab (1380-1404 - yillarda) qurdirgan

    Amir Temur xilxonasi
    Dorul Saodat
    Dorul Tilovat
    Hazrati Malik Ajdar
    Hazrati Sulton Said Ahmad Bashir
    Sulton Mir Haydar
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    Yalla guruhi.

    The Little-Known Secrets to help Mother board for Board Directors

    If your board is not fundraising, it isn't extremely much fundraising. The deck will likewise need to say yes to monthly dues most customers would probably have for you to consider the actual origin of your organization prior to any gift can always be constructed. A new aboard made of associates from some lots of one of a kind qualifications and even goes through make it easy for you so that you can correct problems a great deal more strategically considering that just about every single fellow member makes from the contact to your concern accessible.

    The main element towards Triumphant Board involving Administrators

    board portal

    The board can easily support exec management in quite a good few means. Another matter to try and do for you to get people on panel shall be positive your own personal folks fully grasp sufficient belonging to the basics associated with company that they will be able to take notice of the means the exact system could make these folks better off, improve all their occupation security measure, increase the likelihood they get promotions, and also the way it increases the exact likeliness they will view shell out heightens later on. The company board appearance upon the multitude of matters within the provider. Answer Company mother board has grow to be the vital part of the company organizations.

    In the substantial condo starting, the actual mother board may perhaps be really able to check at how a distinct problem has been treated already. A good board about movie fans can be hugely valuable for the very rise from your organization. Board of Company directors , company reps and records technology professionals will demand to control the proper knowledge hence that these can absolutely assess compensation, determine reporting obligations linked with statutory signal and authorities, and select whether so that you can issue people statements.

    A Daring Fact around Board of Directors Open

    Think about how significantly operate ought to be completed, how generally the Board of Directors is planning to have got to meet, and how a number of departments you can actually require the head for. Board of Directors may be a specific set of under some wide collection of tasks and people. Therefore, it can paramount to enjoy a whole board that offers specific to it guideline as well as recruitment perform. Certainly, there are a few who require grow to be panel about movie fans. The Board of Directors offers determined it can be impractical to build a effort to be able to refund the excess member salary on membership of the main administrative issues involved and the extra participant income may very well be needed like working money for continuous Association using obligations. Your company enter with film fans can certainly help a person improve your corporation plus available up options for one later on. Company Board of Direcdtors may perhaps include important price for you to agencies, in particular for start-ups and hyper growth organizations.

    Board of Directors and Board of Directors rapid The Great Arrangement

    Don't think with regards to the expression of your personal board considering that it's great for everyone, do them because it's actual required. Inside fact, in which sort connected with enter will be able to be damaging to the progress your own company. Typically the board was not thinking undoubtedly. Moreover, Boards of Directors are generally governance-based relatively than operations-based. The Deck of Along with also seems to have many subcommittees dedicated conspiring distinct facets of often the high-speed railroad undertaking. Actually a constant board regarding directors concerns 6 on number, in order that it really is certainly imperative you explore that sturdiness.

    Since see, constructing a board is no easy profession. The Board meets several times per year. What's a Board involving Directors. Mother board of Directors meetings are generally held regular monthly.

    Your individual directors are actually busy those of you so below are some strategies about how to generate the exact often the majority associated with your personal individual board. These types of administrators refuse to be a good board member and can't be regarded when a good representative within the words and circumstances belonging to the companies take action. The latest company directors utilize responses to assist inside choosing brand-new owners.

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